Saturday, 26 September 2009

Trading Psychology

Have had a very interesting last week or so. Apologies for the lack of updates it seems as soon as I review and conclude one lesson the next one has already started not leaving me with much time to update the blog. This has pretty much being going on everyday, if I'm not trading I'm reading material on trading psychology, and if not I'm reviewing my videos or I'm analysing market patterns and behaviour etc etc.. essentially there is always something to do within this steep learning curve and I'm giving myself little excuse not to be doing it. Blogging is a great tool though and I will make sure I leave adequate time for it. It really helps me focus and remember certain incidents.

I've read much material on trading psychology, just to give you an idea I have gone through over 100 articles and read some great material in various books covering the topic. It's a topic I find fascinating and I'm sure if this interest wasn't there I would of probably read much less and perhaps even given up a long time ago. The more I read the more I am discovering about myself and how this directly affects my trading performance.

I have been having some good sessions recently and will put up a more detailed post soon but for now I will wrap this one up as I'm going to give some of these Ascot markets a go today. Will be doubly interesting for me as I have never had an opportunity to trade markets with the liquidity I'm expectig to see today.


WhoTheHeck said...

Im slowly finding other people who are on a similar path to me. Good blog, lots of helpful stuff for me. Cheers Mike

JS said...

Thanks for the post Mike, have added you to my blogroll. Best of luck with it all mate.

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