Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My mid-week blues

Seems like I haven't traded for ages when that clearly isn't the case! This week is looking pretty bleak on the trading front which I am finding rather disapointing. I'm quite eager to push things forward as I now know the better I do, I will be rewarded with higher stakes next time. Even if I don't do well I'm learning much from these experiences, I guess I'm just hungry for progress. Thursday is the only weekday off this week but as I am busy during the day I might not be back in time for the racing. If I don't make it then Sunday is the only other day available, usually I don't bother with Sundays for racing but it looks like Channel 4 are covering some of the Cheltenham and Fontwell races so I'm expecting it to be alright. On the football front the fixtures look a bit dire with the Internationals approaching but I might give a couple of matches a go if the markets look worthwhile. I do take some comfort in knowing that the quality of racing isn't great at the moment with most racing traders taking more time off this time of year. I really can't wait to get back in the hotseat again though.

Anyway hope you all have a good week whatever you do.


Eddy Dixon said...

Stick with it mate you will get there in the end.

JS said...

Thanks Eddie.

Rick Ford said...

Yep, keep with it JS. Wait until for can trade with £10 stakes then you will feel your making progress. Have you thought about trading the greyhound markets? There is plenty of liquidity and movements 2 mins before the off. The scalping technique is quite easy ad I'm making on average £2-£3per race on £20 stakes. With the fact there are over 100 races some days it can all add up and you get lots of practise in!

I've also added your blog to mine.



JS said...

To be honest I never gave these markets much consideration due to their lack of scalability, as when I started trading I made a decision to only trade markets where my strategy was fully scalable. However you do make a good point in regards to looking at them purely from a practicing perspective. i was thinking the other day that I need to figure out a way to gain more practice opportunities. Thanks for the advice I'll probably give them a go if I find myself with no other markets to trade on a day off.

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