Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hybrid platform

Horse Racing
Unit stake: £8.44
Session P&L: £16.68
Average market P&L: £0.93
Racing Bank at end of session: £101.07
Unit stake for next session (10%): £10.11

What a difference proper focus and motivation can make. About this time yesterday I was posting about how dissapointed I was in regards to my performance. I would of been happy with just making back my loss but I almost doubled it without breaking my rules. It's certainly nice to be back on track.

Having used both Bet Angel and The Toy to trade the racing I felt they both had great features. I decided to combine them to make use of all the things I liked and make one optimal platform. I had to change the data requeste on BA to 2 and leave TT on the default of 15, so I'm not expecting any charges. First time I tried this and it worked very well, I think I will continue to use this from now on.


Anonymous said...

I like the set up! does the toy have the trading calculators that angel has? I find these very useful.. enjoying your blog.. like the strike rate and im thinking your disipline must be good! keep it up.. cookie..

Mets said...

LOL! How wide is your screen lol?

Good consistent performance again mate, especially given your stake size.

JS said...

Thanks for the comments dudes.

Cookie, the toy does not have a seperate trade calculator like angel, I use the P&L columns on the left of the ladder to hedge. Thanks for stopping by, noticed you've just started a blog yourself. Are you also trading pre-off horse racing? Good luck with the blog.

Mets, its the widest screen in the village! thanks for the comments hommie.

Anonymous said...

Hey JS. Ok i might have a look at the toy. Yeah i been trading the pre off for a while. I want to look at all the markets but im a bit unsure with the volitility issue with soccer & tennis etc, in play.

JS said...

The Toy is a great tool. I don't think you'll regret giving it a go. There is also a handy forum, so make sure you introduce yourself there too, loads of friendly traders with useful tips on the software. I have a link to the toy on the base of my blog. I'm also a pre-event trader due to the volatitily in-running. Might venture into in-play someday but for now my focus is only pre-event.

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