Saturday, 16 January 2010

Good to be back

Horse Racing
Unit stake: £2.00
Session P&L: £3.13
Average market P&L: £0.15

It's great to be back! As anticipated my new job has kept me very busy. First day off I have had in a while and fortunately the weather is looking to have finally returned to normal. I decided to use minimum stakes as it has been a month since I had last traded and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Was quite pleased as I seem to have picked up where I had left off. I was more pleased though as it was the first time I used The Toy with no external advanced charting and I seemed to be able to read the markets as well as ever. Thanks to some useful posts on TT forum I changed my trading screen slighly and it did make a big difference. Once the overview comes out it will be in my eyes the best application available, and of course it's free! 

I did feel my ability to focus wasn't quite where it had been when I last traded, so I need to work on that a bit. I did have a break around 3pm when I noticed it wavering slightly, didn't quite get my rhythm back after that. Did of course make some errors and bad trades but I managed to scratch most of those markets in the end. Will not incude this result in my bank as it was just an exercise mainly to prove to myself I could still trade after such a long break, and it has given me the confidence to pick up the staking plan next time. Here is a screenshot of the new layout:

I have had to compromise with the number of ladders open to fit in the larger graphs. To be honest though I rarely trade out of the top 3 in the book, and use the 4th slot to switch between any other runner I'm interested in. I think this is where the overview will be most useful, giving me the ability to see all the runners and how certain runners movements are effecting others, partucularly on races where there are larger fields. I did also use a magnifier at times to blow up the betfair graphs if needed, although the more I traded the less I used it. I do use my own custom audio alerts which help me focus on the time before the off. I will be editing these regularly to help remind me of things I should be working on. Might even upload a few of these wav files somewhere for people to download at some point, if anyone's interested let me know either here or on a forum and I'll upload them.


Anonymous said...

Good luck for 2010.. Must try that geeks toy it looks very interesting. look forward to viewing your progress this year.. given your disipline i think it will be a good year!

JS said...

Thanks dude, you should definitely give TT a go. I was running BA alongside it at first just in case I needed it but it didn't take long to make the switch. With so many settings you can customise the look and will probably need a bit of time to mess around with them initially. One thing you should notice straight away is the speed.

As for my discipline it will definitely be put to the test these next few months, we'll see how it goes! I'll be exploring some new territory in regards to staking that's for sure.

Good luck for 2010 mate.

Tony Christensen said...

Hej there was just going through my comments on my blog and saw that you left a comment, and wishing me good luck and that i would recover soon.
just wanted to say thanks , and that ill be back soon, if you read my last post youl know why i had to take a breake.
take care

JS said...

It's good to see you back in the game. Best of luck with it all mate.

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