Thursday, 22 July 2010

Next chapter..

Well the time for research is almost done. My house move is complete, and the Broadband & TV services are being installed within the next couple of days. With it all up and running I can finally set up shop for trading again.  Have been fortunate enough to secure a late two week holiday starting next week. Great news as I really could do with a break, and it was looking less likely to happen until yesterday.  It will certainly be nice to start this new chapter well refreshed.

I have a feeling this blog will be quite important once I get going again, particularly in regards to keeping myself motivated.


Betfair Trader said...

Be good to see you back trading JS, I always thought you had the makings to become a profitable trader from the way you approached things early on. I'm sure the efforts you've put in will pay off.

Lewy said...

Hi JS,

Followed your blog from the start and glad to see you getting back into it again. Just started my own up, would you mind exchnging links,


JS said...

Thanks BF, I appreciate you stopping by mate. Added Lewy, good luck :)

Didd said...

Hi JS,

Good luck with your return to trading, I'll be following with interest. Please could you consider adding my blog to your list.


JS said...

Thanks Didd, you've been added. Sorry to hear about the in play demons creeping up on you yesterday. To still be in profit following that shows great potential though. One thing that I learnt early on is to expect and tame those emotions (making them less and less frequent with experience), rather then trying to block them out and feel like a failure when they inevitably occur. Good luck!

gus said...

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If you are interested to join me or share trading views dont hesitate add me in msn or mail me in that adress.
good luck

Mully said...

Are you due back soon matey?

Mully said...

Are you coming back to blog soon? How did the move go?

JS said...

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for my late reply. At the moment I do know I will be trading and blogging again soon, although due to other commitments I cannot say exactly when that will be. All I can say for now is that I will be making some time for it soon, and am very much looking forward to getting back into it :)

Anonymous said...

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