Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Almost March already

Wow how the time just flies by. I hope the start to 2011 has been good to you all. Not much to post about recently in regards to my bot progress, with me basically learning how to code some basic ideas. I've also been rather limited in time due to other commitments from late 2010 hanging over into this year. Some good news though, I will have some guaranteed reprieve from May onwards, from when I have decided to reduce my working hours, giving me much needed time to focus and finalise my bot, amougst other things.

I also forgot to mention on my previous post that I have resumed selective parts of my spread betting strategy I wrote a bit about previously. It has only been for the NBA and football, the two main earners during my trial period, and the profits have continued to come in. I don't really see much use in posting weekly P&Ls here in regards to that, as it is rather dull reading. However I will keep updating with any thoughts as the season unfolds.

Manual trading has been minimal and I mainly enter markets now just to test market conditions for the bot. I do see it as crucial, keeping in touch with the movements and always trying to understand why they are happeneng. My profitability has always been proportionate to my understanding and I aim to keep that as finely tuned in as possible. Even if all goes perfectly to plan and I manage to implement a fully automated and profitable bot at some point this year, I still see myself trading manually from time to time. Might even entertin the idea of competing against my own bot in a head to head using The Toy, certainly would be an interesting little experiement.


John O'Dwyer said...


It's John from the blog 'Betfair profit and loss'. I know this is silly and a little desperate, but is there any chance I could borrow 250 pounds until Friday, as that's when I have funds available. I'm missing out on all these events and chances to profit :-( I will see it as a favour and reward you in future. Btw, I made 27k last year, but have had a bad month. That's why it has come to this.

Thanks for any help,


TNtrader said...

Hi, mind exchanging links?


JS said...

@John - Sorry to hear of your bad run. I'm sure you will turn things around soon seeing as you have plenty of experience. Good news is tomorrow is Friday :)

@TNtrader - Sure, I have added you to my blog list now. Good luck with your challenge.

James Managan said...

Please add my blog tips starting tomorrow.


JS said...

Added James, good luck with your blog.

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Hi JS,

Have a look on my blog, 2 of latest posts about customer service. Thought you should know about it....Why ? Do you have a guess ? ;)

You could ask me...No need to publish my comment...or do what you think should be done :)

JS said...

Hi Henrik, good to hear from you mate. Thanks for sharing, I have replied to your part 2.

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