Monday, 9 May 2011

Beware Bfexplorer

As you can imagine I have contacted quite a few people over past few weeks in regards to getting a simple bot operational. The main purpose is to test the waters and hopefully build a positive relationship with a developer, which will eventually give me the ability to create and run more complex botting ideas.

I did not feel the need to share all of my poor experiences, as I would expect to deal with a few parties before eventually settling on one. Plus I'm not really one to dwell on negativity and ineptitude. However I have made an exception for one chap, Stefan of bfexplorer, whos persistant amateaurish behaviour has left me with little choice. This post is mainly to warn any prospective traders/botters to stay away from bfexplorer following my poor experiences. I apologise for anyone else who may be associated with this product, however as Stefan clearly associates himself as the representaion of bfexplorer my experience reflects the product as a whole and not just Stefan.

I would consider myself a realist as in I expect a fair standard of support from someone who is offering a service for £30 a month. Even without a subscription fee there are a few basic standards that you would expect anyone to adhere to, no matter what part of this planet they came from.

The first is that personal correspondence is in fact kept between corresponding parties unless both agree otherwise. Solely deciding to share private content to others is not only terribly amateurish and unprofessional but also very worrying if you were an actual paying customer with a valued history of correspondence. Could you imagine a few months down the line, after you had spent a decent amount of time & money developing a working bot and were corresponding with Stefan throughout, he then decides to share all your correspondence with everyone just because he feels like it. I can't imagine how any long term subscribers (if indeed there are any) must be feeling knowing that all correspondence with Stefan, in his view has no privacy boundaries whatsoever. This must be doubly concerning when discussions involve sensitive information such as specific botting strategies.

Another point to consider is that Stefan likes to twist reality to validate any points he is trying to make. Let's look at an example of this. He clearly states on his site that if you have an offer for the subscription fee, or if you have a blog and are willing to promote his product then send him an email. When someone does send him an email, for one reason or another this becomes an issue for Stefan. Strange behaviour as this is what he requests, particularly if they have a blog. At any point did my email ask for free access to his product? The answer is no. Of course, he is trying to make a point and decides that I was asking for free access and that me writing in with an offer is completely unacceptable. I had to write again after he ignored me initially to get this comical response:

'I am sorry man, but what you offer is not interested for me.'
'I did not give him free access to bfexplorer.'

I have corresponded over a few emails, and although after only a couple I felt using his product would carry some additional uncertainty, I could never imagine somebody in his position to have reacted in such a childish and unprofessional manner. The sad thing is his product does actually look decent enough to do the job, but his poor communication skills coupled with his attitude makes this risk unacceptable. I suspect maybe some will feel I might have a personal problem with Stefan, or perhaps my experience is just a one off. Sadly this is not true, there is some more recent evidence here, here and here - and I can only imagine how many others have discarded his product due to this poor form. Moreover, when I first asked around the trading community about his product, it didn't take long for me to get ample feedback, confirming that my initial suspicions were regrettably all true.

The bottom line is no matter how good the product is, it pales in comparison to others because Stefan is inadequate to fulfil basic standards of support. The only reason I felt the need to post about this is because of continued poor standards and attitude, and unfortunately for Stefan my views are shared by many others in the trading community.

I do hope this serves as an adequate account of why anyone considering using bfexplorer should definitely not do so. There are plenty of alternatives out there that perform similar functionality, are cheaper to run and offer great support. As a trading app £5 a month may seem reasonable at first, but then again The Toy is a far superior product, offers great support & banter in the forum, and of course it's completely free. For botting functionality Market Feeder Pro is the way forward. Functionality is on par, price is cheaper particularly on longer term packages, and the support is excellent both by email and in their forum.

So you have been warned, I hope this post serves the purpose on saving someone the sheer shenanigans of dealing with this imbicile and everything that he represents. 

Following on nicely from that, I am testing some strategies with MFPro at the moment, and so far have been very pleased with both the performance and support. Will be posting more about this on another post.


Lazy Trader said...

Can't say I've ever been a big fan of Stefans but looking at the full email conversation between you at, it looks very much like sour grapes on your side because he wasn't prepared to give you bf free.

You need to remember English isn't his first language so to call his responses comical and assume he'll enter into some long conversation is a little unfair.

"I did successful reviews of quantsports", "good friends with Peter","Perhaps we could work out a deal if I maintain promotion of your product","I just wanted to clarify everything upfront so you have a clearer picture of what I could also offer you." etc seem very cynical to get a freebie. And this post seems to confirm that.

Maybe I've read it all wrong, wouldn't be the first time, but seeing both sides it doesn't look as clear cut as you'd like it to seem.

JS said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm sorry but I'm not buying the 'poor English' card. I know many people who's English is far poorer and who are far easier to approach, and who come across much better. This is a great lost in translation trump card which I'm sure saves him much hassle. I'm pretty sure if he was fluent in English it would make little difference to his poor attitude.

In regards to seeing the full picture, don't forget what you can see are fragemtns of our email conversation that he has chosen to include on his site, and then my reaction to the full story. I'm sure you have read it correctly, but trust me you haven't seen the full picture.

I wouldn't make a post warning people unless I did my research, and as my post does state I'm not the only person to feel this was by a long shot.

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Hi JS,

As you know I am another one very disappointed with BFexplorer's custom service and Stefans behavior mainly.
I am glad you decided to share your experience. I was shocked when he started to send your private correspondence to my mailbox. There was absolutely NO NEED to do this. So unprofessional indeed !
I had a very simple request and was waiting only YES or NO from him.
Your request was different so why would he share your private email ? Never seen something like this, should never happen when trying to have a deal with serious businessman on the other side....obviously he is not serious and I would never trust him again ! Hopefully you didn't let him know any details about your trading strategies etc...;)

Wish you luck !

JS said...

Thankfully I have learnt to disclose dummy strategies during introductions such as this as you never know who's on the other end.

I'm glad to see that this post is rising in the google ranks. Anyone prepared to do a little research will at least have a clear understanding of what they are dealing with.

Thanks for sharing :)

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