Thursday, 13 August 2009

Come into my trading room...

Hello and welcome to my Betfair trading blog. I am just starting out and am trying to develop my skills to become a consistent and profitable trader. I currently have a week off work and have decided to start the blog, and will be posting my trading experience for any days I decide to trade during the week. After returning to work I will trade whenever I can find the time in the evenings and weekends. If this goes well I might go part time at work to focus more on trading, but I appreciate any aspirations of trading full time are miles away from the reality at the moment and it is solely a part-time pocket money (maker or loser!) until I have solid results to prove otherwise.

Being quite new to the markets I will warmly welcome any feedback or comments as I am very much at the beginning of the learning curve. My posts will mainly be my reviews and observations in each trading session. I use Bet Angel Pro and will strictly stick to minimal stakes until my results show otherwise. To start I will be using a £20 bank and intend to increase my stake to reflect 10% of that bank. If I reach a £100 bank I will construct a more specific list of targets. My only target at the moment is to maintain my rules and discipline consistently whilst positively evolving my decision making processes. Profiting or ROI are not particularly important at this stage, however I will undoubtedly monitor them in the background.

Hope you enjoy my journey.



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