Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Week 9

Spread Betting - NBA/MLB/Football

Stakes & Banks
NBA 1 or 2% * 190.20%
Football 0.5 or 1% * 95.39%
MLB 1% * 82.58%
Better week but still relatively poor. The main culprit continues to be the MLB with the bank dropping further to 82.58%. With a 1% profit target per bet you can see just how poor a start to the season it has been for the MLB. The football has almost redeemed itself having a much better week, bank now sitting at 95.39%. Not long before the footy season is over, and I'm being extra selective with my picks, due to the 'little to play for factor'. We hear it all the time players saying that they are professionals and that they put the same effort into every game, but realistically many players will be grateful to get out of the season injury free, not just so that they can waterski in Hawaii, but also many will have their minds on making it the World Cup fully fit - that to me is not 100% committed. NBA as usual going well, the bets are reducing due to the fewer matches in the play offs. Some great matches too which I like to catch whenever possible. 
Speaking of which really looking forward to the Barca Vs Milan 2nd leg tonight, can the special one finish the job, not long until kick off now.. 


Betfair Trader said...

Have you given up trading JS, I always thought you'd cracked that and upping your stakes would have brought in the well earned rewards for you.

JS said...

Yes unfortunately I do not have the time anymore due to new work commitments. I will probably get involved again at some point but not in the foreseeable future. Nice blog btw, looks like you're doing very well - if there is one thing I have learnt it is how hard it is to maintain that consistency! I will add to my list, good luck.

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