Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Week 11

Spread Betting - NBA/MLB/Football

Stakes & Banks
NBA 1 or 2% * 171.63%
Football 0.5 or 1% * 101.54%
MLB 1% * 75.51%

A bit of a sucker punch on Week 11. The main reason being the NBA had a terrible run of 6 consecutive losses, the worst run I've had all season, with the progressive staking system on these bets it made quite an impressive dent. Add to this the worst week I've had on the baseball, the relatively small profit gained on the football hardly made a difference to the total. The losses on the NBA are not a big concern as I know it's a decent system that has made me a nice total overall, however my doubts over the baseball continue to grow, I will be reviewing this after next week when I have some time to look a few details over.

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