Thursday, 18 November 2010

First full(ish) day for a while

Horse Racing
Unit stake: £2
Session P&L: £3.06
Average market P&L: £0.18

It's hasn't taken long at all to get used to trading again. I'm feeling confident and motivated after today's result. Before today my cautious plan was to trade with min stakes for about 5 sessions or so (until I felt comfortable with the markets and software), but it seems that has happened already. My plan after reaching that point was to pick up where I left off in February - building up my bank with the 10%-of-bank-max-unit-stake-per-trade-rule - if that last sentence actually makes sense! Considering my staking I am very happy with the return, but moreover being able to maintain my discipline easily for the entire session. I had an hours break between 15:00-16:00, and I think that helped me finish stronger (although I probably should of timed it better considering the quality of racing).

I'm still lovin' The Toy and although I keep postponing this review, it will come when I feel I've used it thoroughly enough. Fact is this software is so customisable that I'm still finding new ways to view the markets depending on how I set it up. I'm also trading with one screen at the moment as I've decided to upgrade the two analogue to two digital monitors. Am just waiting for them to arrive (having already relocated one of the analogue displays), should be next week pending stock. It has been interesting trading with one screen, forcing me to be more efficient with the available space. I do feel that with two though it will be better. Once they're installed I'm planning on setting at least one portrait (perhaps both), so the juggling fun begins all over again.


James Atkin said...

Hey man,

I was hoping you might be willing to swap blog links with me. I'm in the same kinda genre, although admittedly a little off topic. I've already added you to mine @


JS said...

Sure thing James, good luck with the Poker.

James Atkin said...

Thanks for that mate!

GL to you also!

Mark said...

Very good results, with no loss :) Why don't try higher stakes, man?


JS said...

Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by mate. That day was just to test the waters again since me last full trading day before then was in February. Went very well so I will be upping stakes next time :)

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