Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Geekstoy Children in Need Plugathon

Well as some of you will know already, there are some great things going on at the Geek's Toy HQ. And believe it or not this isn't an appraisal of the software's performance, but a gesture from the Geek and others for the Children in Need cause.

Having some sort of following here I thought I should at least contribute to this great cause in my own little way. If you have a blog or site  you can also help, check this post here for details.

Make sure you get involved now before it's too late, the deadline is Midnight UTC Sunday 21st November. Not only will you be helping a great cause but there are some seriously great prizes up for grabs:

- £250 form The Geek himself


Stat Man said...

Thanks for pointing this fund raising thing out. I've too done the same as you and posted on my football lay tips blog to increase awareness. Cheers Stat Man

JS said...

Nice one mate.

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